General IT Hardware

Cyberlab is a registered dealer for most popular brands of IT hardware, and puts much effort in evaluating and testing a variety of different hardware solutions so as to be able to inform and recommend to our clients. Servers, desktop computers, notebooks, printers and networking equipment evolves and changes constantly, and Cyberlab is committed to remain informed and objective, so as to provide our clients with the best possible solution in line with budget. Many years of experience has taught us to place an extremely high priority on reliable hardware, and Cyberlab adopts a strong, yet reasonable approach to hardware.


Cyberlab is uniquely positioned to provide software relevant to your day to day running (such as Microsoft solutions, anti-virus, accounting) as well as custom developed software solutions. Having Microsoft certified professionals on board, you can be certain to be informed and kept on the latest Microsoft products relevant to your specific requirements. Cyberlab is also able to recommend on and provide most anti-virus solutions, having encountered and worked with almost all packages and is qualified to advice on HR, accounting and custom solutions to optimize your organization’s daily running.

Advanced Networking Equipment

The Peplink Balance's world-leading internet load balancing and VPN bonding solution lets you take control of your WAN and improves internet connectivity, all with one easy-to-manage device. Able to intelligently distribute network traffic over multiple WAN links, including up to 13 DSL, cable, 4G, and 3G, the Peplink optimises traffic via its outbound traffic manager and DSL/Cable Optimisation Technology. Even with the most strenuous network traffic, the Peplink scales on demand to provide fast internet when you need it most. Should a connection fail, the Peplink Balance automatically switches to a healthy link in less than a second, seamlessly maintaining internet connectivity and corporate VPN functionality. Using Peplink's unique VPN bonding technology, you can aggregate the bandwidth of all available WAN links, significantly boosting speed, reliability, and failover performance.

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Pastel accounting

Softline Pastel’s accounting software solutions equip business owners across South Africa in streamlining their accounting and management processes. As a leading developer of accounting software packages, ERP software solutions and business management software solutions, Softline Pastel has been supporting the growth of start-up, small, medium and large enterprises alike since 1989.

Softline Pastel remains the preferred choice of South African businesses. Their accounting, payroll, ERP and business solutions allow for simple and effortless daily financial management, so that customers can go ‘beyond accounting’ and focus on their core business.

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