Cyberlab can enhance your IT department with any of the following services.

Professional IT Services

Standing on more than 20 years of consulting experience, Cyberlab is uniquely qualified to engage with your organization on a senior management level to develop a custom IT system tailored for your specific requirements. Taking into account existing IT assets and budgets, Cyberlab will partner with your organization with a long-term view, adapting your IT infrastructure according to your organization’s requirements. Cyberlab takes pride in implementing technology seamlessly and cost effectively, making our clients self-sufficient and independent.

Being passionate about Information Technology, Cyberlab has been able to move along with the rapid rate of technology evolution. Having partnered with most major players in the IT sector including Microsoft, HP, DELL and Peplink we are confident in our ability to provide and maintain a comprehensive IT solution for your organization.

Service Level Agreements

Cyberlab offers comprehensive Service Level Agreements that may include hardware, software, connectivity and disaster recovery solutions aiming to keep our clients on the cutting edge of technology and in line with company budgets. Ultimately, Cyberlab maintains a proactive, rather than reactive approach to IT, utilizing all kinds of technologies to maintain the IT Infrastructure, with the specific aim to minimize downtime and surprises. Being well aware of all the hidden costs and headaches associated with IT, Cyberlab aims to provide our clients with a reliable, predictable IT solution, enabling your organization to focus on your core competencies without being distracted. SLA’s will be tailored on an ongoing basis so as to evolve with your organization, and aims to provide peace of mind, knowing that your company’s digital assets are well looked after.

IT Outsourcing / Co-Sourcing

Businesses have slowly warmed to the fact that outsourcing their IT infrastructure makes good business sense. Cyberlab understands the sensitivity of introducing a different culture, a different company into your organization to take care of one of your organization’s most valuable assets. Cyberlab has always placed a high priority on keeping professional, qualified staff that will engage your employees with more than just technical problem-solving ability. Our staff is committed to build a relationship with your staff so as to educate them, and blend in with your company – a partnership rather than a “fix”. The idea of co-sourcing, that is, forming a team comprising of Cyberlab staff as well as staff internal to your company to troubleshoot and monitor IT infrastructure has proved to work extremely well, and can be considered in scenarios where data and uptime are extremely critical.

With IT and communications playing such a critical role in any modern organization, Cyberlab aims to partner with our clients in a way that will enable them to use technology without being distracted by the burden of implementing and maintaining thereof. Cyberlab also offers MICT SETA accredited training to keep your staff motivated and productive.

Internet Services

Cyberlab has partnered with most major Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) in South Africa to provide basic internet related services that includes a variety of web connectivity solutions, e-mail solutions, website design etc. Cyberlab has also taken pride in partnering with Peplink, and have acquired expertise in developing and maintaining major VPN’s, failover and load balancing solutions to major organizations.

Data Cabling and Network design

Cyberlab can provide professional data cabling and network design services that complies with industry standards due to our partnerships with major data cabling companies in South Africa. Cyberlab has also gone the extra mile to obtain expertise knowledge in wireless networking, configuring and maintaining secure and reliable wireless networks using state of the art equipment.


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